Augusta First Seventh-day Adventist Church

Faith Story: Failing Business School




     In the year 2017, I was working to finish my Master’s degree in business.  For most of the program, the classes were relatively easy, however, there was one very difficult class.  It was a class in financial management.  I was warned by multiple colleagues of how tough it was going to be.  I ended up taking this class three times, each time falling short of a passing grade.


     Since the program only allowed us to take a class a maximum of three times before we were removed from the program, I prayed fervently, especially after failing the class the third time.  It was then that he placed it in my heart to email the professor.


      After sending the email, I prostrated myself to the floor and prayed to God to help me to trust Him.  After I said, “amen”, a notification on my phone flashed on its screen and it was my professor.  He wrote back telling me that even though I fell short on the last Final, he reviewed my work in the class, tallied the points, and realized that I passed the class, to which he congratulated me.  I had a hard time believing what I was reading, and yet, I was so thankful to God for having witnessed what I believe to be nothing short of a miracle.  God is good and He will always be there when we call upon Him to help us.